Acceptance of Terms

  • Product purchases from New Vision Shutters are subject to our Terms of Sale. By making any purchase, the Buyer acknowledges agreement to this document and its surrounding rules.
  • Terms of Sale provides information about the policies of purchasing from New Vision Shutters

Content of Your Purchase

  • The purpose of New Vision Shutters is for our Buyers/Customers to have their signs and graphics displaying whatever they choose.
  • Furthermore, the Buyer agrees that none of Major Banner’s employees, the owner, or any authorized personnel are responsible for monitoring the images designed by the Buyer, on the website OR after checkout OR during production.
  • The Buyer agrees that any approved sample or design may be produced and is not needed to be spell-checked or revised by New Vision Shutters. This includes color, typos, grammatical errors, color matching, etc.
  • The Buyer agrees that all banners may be subjected to size change within 1-inch. due to hemming, grommet additions, etc.

Color Matching

  • We would like to reemphasize that our Buyers, viewing our website through different monitors, may see varying images at varied colors. This may change according to color display adjustments such as contrast value changes, brightness level increases, etc.
  • The Buyer agrees that New Vision Shutters is not responsible for color differentiations from the Buyer’s original color display to the actual product.
  • The Buyer is responsible for confirming that the color of the final sample before checkout is true to their desire and appropriate for CMYK High-Quality printing.

Buyer-Provided Images        

  • The Buyer holds the sole responsibility for all their information, images, logos, etc. sent to New Vision Shutters.
  • The Buyer agrees that New Vision Shutters may use the Buyer’s images for promotional uses. However, upon request, we will remove any requested images from our website.